Community Service

Giving back to the community every Monday.


Since May of 2008, Matthew Pierone, chef and owner of Gourmet Café in Parsippany, has made it a priority to utilize his restaurant as a way to raise money for many local non-profit organizations. Prior to opening the restaurant, Matt had always been personally involved with charity donations so he wanted his business to do the same. With the belief that as a part of the community it is necessary to help give back to those in need, “Make a Difference Mondays” donates 10% of the day’s sales to a designated non-profit organization. Matt’s generosity applies to all sales for lunch, dinner, take-out, and even gift certificates purchased that day. Gourmet Café has built an incredible reputation for its award-winning cuisine and exceptional service. Matt’s talent and passion for creating delicious, high quality, and unique Italian dishes is undeniable to his customers. However the same goes for his caring heart. Any regular patron can vow to the daily welcoming and accommodating environment of the restaurant, yet on Mondays that feeling is even greater. Matt describes, ‘That is the best part. People all have their place in giving back with what they are able to do. Working here 90 hours/week, I don’t have hours to volunteer, but this is my way of helping. It’s something I am proud to be able to do. It also gives residents another way to help – just by enjoying a nice meal.

Carly Phillips “Par-Troy Life” Magazine.

Make a Difference Mondays

Every Monday 10% of our sales go directly to a designated charity or non-profit organization. For those involved with a non-profit organization who are interested in learning more, please call or email us. We sincerely thank all of our wonderful guests that continue to make Gourmet Café the community-service-focused restaurant we strive to be!

Total Donations: $78,565

Upcoming Charities

Total for 2021: $1,375

Troy Hills School - $110.00
Troy Hills Fire - $50.00
Nourish NJ - $65.00
Love Like Ashley - $400.00
Table of Hope - $235.00
Ellen Maquire Foundation - $80.00
Parsippany PAL - $120.00
Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany - $150.00
Parsippany High Baseball - $165.00

Total for 2020: $3,885

Friends of Parsippany Library - $170
Wise Animal Shelter - $110
Kiwanis Food Pantry - $130
ACS - $125
CJD - $85
Parsippany PAL - $120
Parsippany Food Bank - $735
CCM Foundation - $220
Parsippany Field Hockey - $120
Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany - $600
DAR - $140
Family of Vincent Ferrara - $100
Son's of Italy Parsippany - $400
Montville Kiwanis Food Bank - $135
St Jude's Children Hospital $75
Community Food Bank & Others $140
Salvation Army $100
Toys for Tots $140
Charity Water $240


Total for 2019: $2,950

Donated Gift Certificates: $1,100

Friends of Parsippany Library
The Sharing Network
Parsippany Sports Teams
P.G. Chambers School


Total for 2017 & 2018: $4,665

Donated Gift Certificates: $420

Salvation Army $150

Toys for Tots $150

Dralla Foundation $160

Kiwanis Club of Greater Parsippany $210

Glen Foli Family $100

Friends of Earth $135

Hurricane Relief $150

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief $100

P.G Chambers School $260

St. Peter's Church of Mountain Lakes $220

All Saints Academy: $210

St. Christopher's Church: $140

Therapeutic Kidney: $145

Parsippany High School Cheerleaders: $140

Temple Beth Am: $180

NJ Sharing Network: $215

Yakoff Glaz Cancer Research Fund: $285

Friends of the Parsippany Library: $270

Daughters of the American Revolution: $235

The Homeless Bus: $160

The Parsippany Women's Club: $200

St. Anne's Church: $300

Montville Women's Club: $120

Various Other Charities: $945

Cooney Strong: $470

American Legion Post 249: $200


Total for 2016: $8,815.00


Total for 2015: $9,175.00


Total for 2014: $9,670.00


Total for 2013: $8,450.00


Total for 2012: $7,835.00


Total for 2011: $8,490.00