Corn Chowder Soup $9

Vine Tomatoes & Burrata Cheese App

Hot honey & Balsamic Reduction $12

“Drunken” Chicken Parm Sandwich

Pink Vodka Sauce

Ciabatta $14

Cheese Tortellini

Pesto Cream Sauce $17

Grilled Shrimp

Artigiano Cheese ~ Apples ~ Mixed Greens

Balsamic dressing $18

Blackened Salmon

Served on a bed of Linguini Cacio e Pepe

Salad starter $22

Dinner Specials

Romaine Salad $13

Fresh Beets, Pecans, Artigiano Cheese

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Burrata & Prosciutto $14

Grape Tomatoes & Arugula

Hot Honey & Balsamic Reduction

“Drunken” Chicken Parmesan $26

Served over Rigatoni

Pink Vodka Sauce

Orecchiette Carbonara with Lobster $29

Onions, Bacon & Peas

Parmesan Cream Sauce

Shrimp Scampi $29

Rice & Broccoli

Garlic Lemon Wine Sauce

Gnocchi with Short Ribs $30

Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic & Scallions

Red Wine Brown Sauce